Our organization is a research based organization globally working for the implementation of Islamic thoughts in all fields of life especially in the field of Zabiha Halal Food Products and also issuing a Halal certification. Also our activities are based on Religious Affairs, Interfaith dialogue, Halal Food Safety and Consumer protection, complying Halal Food Act. SB750410 ILCS637 HHFKA-2010 PUB-L111296 Act.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to research about Islamic thoughts and Zabiha Halal Products in the U.S.A and globally exported food products under certification according to the food and drugs laws and agriculture department of USA.
  • To provide consumers product report certification service about Zabiha Halal products.
  • To create awareness among consumers about Islamic thoughts and Zabiha Halal products.
  • To provide vocational job training to house holding women.
  • To create awareness about Islamic thoughts among the new generation and educate them about character building and provide Islamic education and awareness to improve the basic as well as higher knowledge of Islamic religion. To maintain a higher profile of Islamic education, especially for Muslim according to the international standard to teach the Islamic ideology in respect of anti discrimination. Also to form a group of people who really help deserving people for the Islamic ideology around the world.