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The Meat that is Halal to Muslims is described by Allah in the Quran:

Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been slaughtered while
proclaiming the name of other than Allah, and one killed by strangling, and one killed by blunt weapons, and one
which died by falling, and that which was gored by the horns of some animal, and one eaten by wild animal, except
those whom you slaughter and that which is slaughtered at the alter and that which is distributed by the throwing of
arrows, this is an act of sin.

Therefore eat of that on which Allah’s name has been mentioned if you are believers in His communications.

(Surah No. 6, Ayat No. 118)


And do not eat of that on which Allah’s name has not been mentioned and that is most surely a transgression.

(Surah No. 6, Ayat No. 121)


Therefore Islam is a way of life, controlled by what is prescribed in the Quran and by the life of Muhammad (PBUH).
The consumption of the meat is allowed, the classification of animals according to their character are defined in the
Quran and Hadith.

Dhabihah: The method of slaughter

Dhabihah is the prescribed method of slaughtering halal animals excluding fish and most sea life as per Islamic law.According to the Islamic tradition, the animal is brought to the place of slaughter and laid down gently so as to not
injure it. The blade must be kept hidden until the very last moment while the jugular of the animal is felt. This method
of slaughtering animals consists of using a well sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the
throat, the carotid artery, wind pipe and jugular veins but leaves the spinal cord intact. It must be done with respect and

An ancient time people are slaughtering the animal in the name of their gods but when Muhammad (PBUH) came, he
precise the way of slaughtering in the name of Allah. The precise details of the slaughtering method was educated by
the prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), rather than direct Quranic mandate. The slaughter itself is preceded by the words
“In the name of Allah (Bismillah Allah-u-Akbar)” (In the name of Allah who is the great).

It should be taking care of so, that the nervous system should not damaged. This may cause the animal to die before
exsanguinations are taken place, that will make the blood remain inside the animal and the consumption of blood is
also Haram in Islam. Non Islamic methods of slaughtering are usually painful and distress for the animals.

Scientific description of religious slaughter:

The religiously slaughtered animals give a better hygienic quality of meat. The differences between normal meat and religious meat lies primarily in the speed of appearance of pH 5, 4 and the rigor mortis. In case of Halal meat, there is less water content and rigor mortis, that makes the meat taste better.

This deep, large cut and is fully intact with the body. The heart is still alive which causes most of the blood to be
pumped and poured out quickly under great pressure. The maximum bleed-out and less retention of blood gives a
better quality of meat than other animals slaughtered by the non Islamic methods.

The act of slaughtering itself is preceded by mentioning the name of Allah. The slaughtering is sometimes interpreted as acknowledgment of Allah’s right over all things. Furthermore, it is an asking of permission to take the life of the animal to be slaughtered in His way.

May Allah give us right path; Aameen.

By: Muhammad Zahid Anwar
General Secretary
Global Islamic Research Organization